Monday, September 3, 2012

Faithful God

Well let me just start out by saying that I did walk on Saturday.  First I took my puppies out for a 20 minute walk which was to them a marathon!  Aren't they adorable? 

So after walking the puppies I walked myself.  I know I said I would follow the training schedule even if it was too easy.  Well, I didn't!  I walked for about 50 minutes.  A very slow walk though!  It really felt good to get back out there and get moving and I just couldn't bring myself to shorten it!

This week the schedule is to walk every day.  For the first three days, walk for 20 minutes, then the next four days walk for 30 minutes.  After that the training starts to incorporate some running.  If you don't want to run then I would say just keep walking and maybe add a little jog in from time to time to give yourself a boost!

Every morning I wake up at 5:15 to take the puppies out.  This morning and yesterday as well, I noticed how beautiful it was out there.  The full moon is just gorgeous right now.  It made me think about how every night we can depend on the moon to rise and every day we can depend on the sun to rise.  This reminded me of how faithful God is to us.  Sometimes it can be so easy to think I'm alone and that God doesn't give a thought to me.  But this morning I was stricken by the fact that He is there and He cares for me greatly.  Just by seeing the beauty in this world.   

I'm listening to Laura Story's album Blessings.  I'll always have music in my ears because it is so uplifting and encouraging.  The days that I don't have music are the days that seem so gray.  The song that was on when I started this blog was Faithful God.    It is beautiful and reminds me that God loves me and will never forsake me.  That His love is deep and He is faithful.  I just need to remember that. 

Have a great Labor day!  Enjoy some BBQ and baked beans.  Take a walk and notice how beautiful and faithful God is to you today!

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