Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's Time to Rise Up

As I was worshipping this morning in church, I really felt the spirit of God pressing upon me saying to me it is time to rise up and take back our families from Satan.  Now is the time to get on your knees and pray for your family. Your husband, your children and their spouses and children.  We sit around wondering why God doesn't do anything to help us in our situations yet we don't invest as much time praying for our families as we do looking at social media.  I am convicted to get off social media and on my knees to take back my family.

Most often we are weak and shallow Christians making little impact yet we have a huge arsenal of weapons at our disposal which we never maximize. It is time to stop putting down our husbands on social media and stop expecting our children to misbehave because that's just what they do. Ladies it is time to take up our weapons and fight for our families. Put your husband in his rightful place and let God do the work on him. Stop expecting him to meet your needs and allow God to meet your needs. Don't put your children on pedestals above your husband. Your husband comes first.  Your marriage and your husband are far more important than your children. If that relationship isn't working the way it should be then your children aren't receiving the benefit of Godly parents.  Don't expect your children to misbehave but expect them to do great things for the kingdom of God.

I've been there and done all of the wrong things with my family. By not putting my husband in his rightful place I didn't give him the ability to be the man that God called him to be. Because of my rejection and disapproval my husband believed he would be happier without his family. I see this happening all around me with women my age. Too much time is spent on the children and the husband feels rejected and disrespected and decides to find that respect elsewhere. Marriages are crumbling and all we do is moan and groan about how our husband didn't do this or that or whatever.

Ladies we need to step up and start being warrior women of God who are fighting for our husbands and our families. I've stood by far too long asking God to change my husband when my heart is the first that needed to change. I believe that it doesn't matter where our husbands are in their walk as long as we are supporters and encourages God will use them anyway. I realize that I stood in Gods way and I was the reason that I didn't see God at work in my husband.

Even though I'm divorced I still have a calling on my life to fight for my family. And it is a battle that I need to be prepared for as Satan thinks he has already won. I believe the battle is just beginning. If it takes the last breath I have I will continue to pray for restoration for my family because I am convinced this will bring the most glory to God and will be the best testimony for others to see God.

Would you join me in getting on your knees to pray for your families and begin to take your family back from the enemy. Don't be a casual observer but be a fierce warrior woman of God ready to rise up and fight for what is rightfully hers. Let's not be content with broken families and broken lives. Let's pray for all of the blessings that are rightfully ours as children of God.  Let's rise up and make a difference to our families. 

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