Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Do you ever find yourself wondering what your purpose is in this life? How to pass the time while waiting on the eternal glory that we have been promised through Christ?

Romans 9:17 says "For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I may show my power in you, and that my name may be declared in all the earth."

When God originally created man he did so to have fellowship with Him. But our sin broke that fellowship with God. He loved us so and wanted us to be with him so much that he did the only thing that would prove how much he loved us. He sacrificed the only son that was ever born to him and this son died a very painful agonizing death so that we might have a relationship with God once again. And I believe that we all now have a God spot deep in our hearts that only he can feel. We chase after everything and we seek purpose in anything when all the while deep within we know that our hearts long for God.

So today I would pray that you would find your purpose for this life. That you would find fellowship with God once again and that your life would reflect his glory and power to those around you.

To live is Christ. That is your purpose. May your life be purposeful today.

God, May we always see the need that we have to be in a right relationship with you. And may that love that we receive from you be reflected to those around us and that you would always find us faithful to live our lives on purpose for you. Be our strength on this journey and fill our hearts with your love so that we can bring hope to others. Amen.

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